All_Weather_Erotic_Furniture Calligramme Bowchair
I freelanced as a business writer for the Archer Bowchair, a hidden-use furniture company based in Pittsburgh.


etsy vintage calligramme
I am the content manager for a vintage boutique, managing the website and writing blogs.
  • “What does your bridal lingerie say about you?” – February 2018
  • “500th order celebration” – January 2018
  • “Pittsburgh-made sex chair bounces onto national stage” – January 2018
  • “Let’s talk birthday sex” – December 2017
  • “Adorning the Boudoir” – November 2017
  • “Halloween Inspiration” – October 2017
  • “Dog Days of August” – August 2017
  • “American Woman” – July 2017
  • “Soak up the Sun” – June 2017


spark pbg
I was editor of a prominent international blog for young girls. 
To encourage more women to get into mountain biking, I blogged for a local bike shop in North Carolina.


hac logo
To promote a nonprofit’s triathlon’s event, I produced a blog for beginner triathletes. 

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